The Answer Series Joins Snapplify’s Teacher Benefits Programme

South African teachers granted access to resources from the Answer Series for FREE via Snapplify Engage

Living up to their promise to provide teachers with everything that they need to teach, global edtech company, Snapplify, has launched a teacher benefits programme.  This month, The Answer Series joined the programme to offer their study guides to all South African teachers for FREE, via the platform.

‘It is a dream come true for us at The Answer Series to find a partner in Snapplify and be able to offer this kind of access to South Africa’s teachers,’ explains George Eadie, The Answer Series CEO. ‘Teachers are the unsung heroes in our country.  They battle packed curriculums, large classes and often devastating conditions.  If this can make their lives easier in their dedication to educating the next generation, all the better.’

Known for its comprehensive, easy-to-use study guides, The Answer Series has been empowering South African teachers and students since 1975.  The study guides, covering Grade 8 to matric, contain sample exercises, practice exam papers, and explanatory notes for key subjects.  Using this practical, versatile material, teachers can plan lessons, design classroom activities, and assign homework to help their students succeed.

‘Snapplify is dedicated to making sure that schools using our platform have access to the best possible tools and products.  We’re proud to be associated with The Answer Series – a brand which, like Snapplify, is committed to supporting teachers in the classroom,’ said Snapplify’s Operations Director, Mark Seabrook.

Thousands of schools have already joined the Snapplify Engage family. Register online for free today to get access to teacher benefits and other incredible educational tools.

Email to chat about your specific needs and how we can work together.

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