Ed Granger – from New Zealand

Hi Paul Many thanks indeed for your emails with the links to the special sessions. Here, in faraway New Zealand I was able to watch all six sessions without a single ‘glitch’! Well done! Kind regards. Ed

Theresa (from USA) who attended our recently hosted Grassland Society SA Conference

Thank you so much Paul!  With the time change and watching these recorded, no technical issue on my end. Thank you Theresa

School Fees Collections: Sending A Section 41 Notification via Registered Email

A school can hand over school fees for collection to an attorney, provided that certain steps have been taken before this stage. Schools that do not follow the correct procedures, which include providing the relevant information to parents regarding fee exemption, are not acting in accordance with the South African Schools Act (84 of 1996) 1. Read More

Cyber security risks associated with working from Home

With the Coronavirus pandemic having being described as national state disaster by President Cyril Ramaphosa, more and more companies are opting to ask their employees to work from home. This gives opportunities and fertile ground to new cyber threats to emerge if organisations do not act proactively. AVeS Cyber Security’s CEO, Charl Ueckermann, talks with Read More

Planning Key for Cloud migration

More companies are moving data to the Cloud to empower a dynamic workforce, improve the reliability of their services, and to gain flexibility in their IT expenditure. Cloud-based systems are accessible from anywhere, are mostly unaffected by power outages, and are easy to scale. They are also the ideal solution if a large portion of Read More


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