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The 21st century is steaming ahead and new technologies are increasingly affecting all spheres of life.  We need to take note of this and ensure that we fully understand the impact of technology use on education.

FEDSAS is the leader in school governance and management.  To be able to introduce new technologies in education, our members need to be engaged in dialogue and assisted with sound advice.  To this end, FEDSAS has created its Centre for Technology, which keeps a close eye on both current and future trends in the education technology space.  The FEDSAS Centre for Technology aims to support and assist schools to prepare for and appropriately respond to technology trends.

It is not uncommon for the education industry to lag behind in terms of new developments.  Therefore, most schools would venture into adopting new technologies in the classroom, school office and on campus in an attempt to catch up with those outside the schooling context.  Many schools would also integrate technology simply to keep pace with new tools introduced in the open market.  However, very few schools would actually change their teaching methodologies and aids in order to deliver learners equipped and ready to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

The FEDSAS Centre for Technology aims to stimulate the debate on how schools could be technology trendsetters instead of mere trend followers in response to the demands of the new world.  From January 2018, all school learners will have been born in the 21st century.  Using 20th-century teaching solutions may no longer suffice.

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