Revolutionary Results: Improving Grades and Wellbeing with Dugga Assessment and SIS Global

As technology continues to play a major role in education, the search for the best online assessment platform has been ongoing. The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), with its vision of being a global leader in applied education and tech-based skills training, took on the task of finding the perfect solution. After extensive research, SAIT set its focus on Dugga, the award-winning digital assessment platform.

The results of the eight-month study, which involved technical students from ten countries worldwide, were nothing short of ground-breaking. The research showed that the use of Dugga improved students’ learning outcomes by 75%, reduced stress by 60%, and increased teacher time efficiency by 98%. Furthermore, there was a clear reduction of exam-related stress and improvement in students’ overall wellbeing.

Dr. Amir Fard, from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, comments, “The results confirmed the outstanding ability of the Dugga platform to improve students’ subject-matter retention, reduce stress, and improve class average grades. The anonymous feedback from students showed that over 96% of them were strongly satisfied with their Dugga experience.”

SIS Global is the sole authorized Dugga Partner for Africa, bringing this cutting-edge technology to schools in the region. SIS Global has implemented the Dugga solution for various schools in South Africa and offers first line support locally, ensuring a seamless experience for both students and teachers. A perfect example of this is the recent implementation at Christel House –  a non-profit school with a single mission: to break the cycle of poverty. It offers no-fee scholarships to students from some of Cape Town’s poorest neighborhoods and supports them for 18 years (Grade R to Grade 12 and five years post matric) through character-based and career-focused education.

“With the proven results of the research conducted at SAIT, we are confident that the implementation of Dugga will have a positive impact on the education system in South Africa. The platform’s ability to improve learning outcomes, reduce stress, and increase teacher efficiency is sure to make a significant difference in the classroom’, says Ian Bailey, Head of Education at SIS Global.

The co-founders of Dugga, Dr. Claudia Rademaker and Dr. Patrik Nilsson, were ecstatic about the results of the study. They stated, “We are thrilled to learn about these results of this new independent research study. It gives our entire team an energy boost to continue developing our platform to help schools worldwide improve learning outcomes and wellbeing with quality and equality in assessment.”

The platform has received high praise from students and is a testament to the potential of technology in education. SIS Global’s mission is to bring innovative technology solutions to Africa and improve the quality of education in the region. The company’s partnership with Dugga is a testament to this mission and will help shape the future of education in Africa.

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