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12 months ago My Company News

Planning Key for Cloud migration

More companies are moving data to the Cloud to empower a dynamic workforce, improve the reliability of their services, and to gain flexibility in their IT expenditure. Cloud-based systems are accessible from anywhere, are mostly unaffected by power outages, and are easy to scale. They are also the ideal solution if a large portion of your workforce is working remotely. The Cloud can offer an array of business benefits, but it also comes with risks, therefor careful implementation is needed.

Planning key for Cloud migration in the financial services industry


12 months ago My Company News

Bring your own School

Welcome to the new world of Education.

It’s true: our Youth is our future.

With the current state of disaster and COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa (extended until 30 April 2020), no school means no education for most kids. And that’s a problem.

#BringYourOwnSchool is an industry-leading solution that will allow your staff and your students to interact and communicate with each other in a safe and controlled environment, protecting them from security vulnerabilities and keep their personal data safe.

Microsoft, ESET and Kaspersky have always been dedicated to the enrichment of students and their education. As a result, In collaboration with the A-Team at AVeS Cyber Security, they are offering some of their key online cloud services for free to students and educators.

Bring Your Own School


12 months ago My Company News

Next Generation SOC

The Next-Generation Security Operations Centre™ (SOC) brings bleeding-edge managed cyber security solutions within reach of companies of all sizes, including smaller businesses with limited resources. Introduced at a virtual roundtable, the Next-Generation SOC™ gives companies access to the highest calibre managed security services in a consumption-based structure.

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