About Resolute Robotics

Resolute Robotics strives to promote a learning environment that is creative, challenging, and interactive. We aim to encourage students to explore an electronic and computer engineering environment to further encourage their logical thinking skills and provide opportunities for them to learn and gain valuable industry-relevant skills. Resolute gives students the foundation they need to pursue a career in coding and robotics (but not before covering the basics!).  We teach them the three essential pillars of technology—engineering, data sciences and computer sciences. The world is moving forward, and now more than ever we need to give future generations every opportunity to leverage the power of modern technology and thrive in the digital age. Students have the opportunity to do our courses as part of their school curriculum, as an extra mural, or as part of our online academy. They will learn essential skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, complex problem-solving and coordination with peers.


Here is an overview of the services we provide:
Robotics & Coding Curriculum

We offer a wide variety of robotics and coding courses that will introduce learners to a dynamic approach to thinking and, problem-solving. We feel that these are the most critical skills to master in order to be effective in addressing the demands of the modern age.

Teacher Training

We understand that it may be overwhelming to have to teach robotics and coding, which is why we teach you all that you need to know! By the time you have finished our teacher training course, you will be able to teach our curriculum with confidence. Our training is also SACE accredited.


Experiencing technical issues or just need assistance? Our Standard and Premium packages have support included to help you in no time!

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