TechTalk e-Magazine – BETT Edition (May 2022)

The latest FEDSAS Centre for Technology Tech Talk e-Magazine is out! The BETT Edition is jam-packed with the latest technology news and trends. Click here to read the newsletter online, and here to download your copy now!

FEDSAS Webinar: Tech Talk @ Three with 2Simple (8 June 2022)

Don’t miss the upcoming Tech Talk @ Three with 2Simple, a brand new member of FEDSAS Centre for Technology! Description: Fun in the classroom, tools for educators, Python in Pieces and a multiple of goodies in Purple Mash. A brand-new member of the FEDSAS Centre for Technology joins us and we look at the SOLUTIONS Read More

Choosing the Right Laptop: 2 Things you Need to Know

Storage, RAM, processor… What??? I’m not a techie. Purchasing a laptop is all pain and no pleasure: what if I get it wrong, and the laptop doesn’t work for me, and I’ve spent all this money, and I can’t get a critical piece of work done, and now I can’t exchange the laptop for another Read More

Spectacularly Bad News

There is that adage about the frog in the water. I’ve always thought it was a big of a gross example; the thought of a frog boiling in water freaks me out.  Although there may be some merit in this graphic illustration when pondering the sustainability of our environment. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Read More

A South African Hero, International Recognition

Roegshanda Pasco is a South African hero. In my observation, championing a cause in South Africa engenders a high risk of being shot at. When your cause is gang violence in the Cape Flats, I would suggest that it is inevitable. Roegshanda has been sticking up for those who need a voice from the age Read More

Good for the Environment but Also a Wise Business Choice

The environmental motivation for refurbished devices is a no-brainer. What is equally compelling, though, is that there is a strong business benefit. Gone are the days when buying refurbished meant sacrificing reliability. Certified refurbished devices are typically 20% – 50% cheaper than new devices with the same specifications and the same standards of reliability. Environmental Read More

CPU Specifics and What Makes Your Laptop Perform

We give a lot of technical details on our certified refurbished devices. They are super important for many techies who like to understand the detail. Not so important for the rest of us who just want something that is reliable and does what we want it to do quickly and efficiently. In our mind, if Read More

How Our Computers are Renewed

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Ed Granger – from New Zealand

Hi Paul Many thanks indeed for your emails with the links to the special sessions. Here, in faraway New Zealand I was able to watch all six sessions without a single ‘glitch’! Well done! Kind regards. Ed

Theresa (from USA) who attended our recently hosted Grassland Society SA Conference

Thank you so much Paul!  With the time change and watching these recorded, no technical issue on my end. Thank you Theresa


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