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Unlocking New Worlds of Reading with Booktalk: Your Literary Companion in the Digital Age! Step into the captivating realm of Booktalk, your premier destination for innovative reading experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of South African libraries.  Established in 1992, our journey began with a mission to supply libraries with audiobooks, educational videos, and an extensive collection of books, including large-print formats. Along with the surge in end-user technology, Booktalk has fully embraced the digital era, recognizing the transformative power of e-books, e-audio books, e-magazines, and more. At Booktalk, we thrive on the pulse of fresh ideas, continually expanding our horizons to spark intellectual curiosity within schools, their staff, and their learners. Our partnership with OverDrive® has introduced a comprehensive Digital e-Lending Library Service for South African Schools, which includes e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, and more. Through their user-friendly application SORA, designed specifically for modern students, individuals can easily discover and enjoy ebooks for leisure reading and class assignments. SORA is accessible for free on both Google Play and the Apple i-Store , providing students with seamless eBook management capabilities. Whether in the classroom, at home, or on holiday, SORA enables students to easily access and read e-books and audiobooks offered by their school.  Join us on this literary adventure and discover how Booktalk can elevate and expand your students' reading experience.  With a catalog spanning all interests and abilities, there’s truly something for all students, readers or not. The learners are more likely to engage with – and enjoy – reading. Happy Reading, Booktalk Authorised Reseller of OverDrive® in South Africa


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Explore a universe of literary wonder through Booktalk's specialized services for schools, where educators fueled by a passion for literature can kindle the same fervor in their students. Here's what we provide: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of eBooks tailored specifically for primary and secondary schools through SORA, the student reading platform, and reading app from OverDrive®. These digital gems are meticulously chosen to inspire a love for reading within the classroom or at home, turning learning into an exhilarating voyage. Elevate your school library into a sanctuary of exploration with our enriching SORA e-Book solution. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to a vibrant array of digital content, meticulously crafted to captivate young minds at every educational level. Embark on a literary journey with our engaging and delightful shared eBook collections via SORA from a multitude of publishers. Crafted to cater to diverse interests and abilities, these collections are bound to ignite joy and curiosity, even among the most hesitant readers. Effortlessly tailor your digital library with SORA, empowering schools to customize collections based on: - budget - student preferences - curriculum objectives Unleash your creativity as you fashion a personalized reading experience that aligns with instructional goals, promotes best practices, and nurtures student achievement through the Sora application. Upon signing up, activate SORA with the complimentary titles included with the platform, then curate a bespoke collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and more from our industry-leading catalog to meet your school's distinct curriculum and enrichment reading requirements.

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