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DigiComm Facilitation provides the "digital venue" and the management of online interactions within a wide range of business, industry and organizational settings. ...

DigiComm Facilitation removes the "barriers-to-use-technology" , by providing our clients with structure, guidance and real-time assistance to overcome these challenges when utilizing digital communication platforms.

DigiComm Facilitation has a proven track record , having hosted/facilitated close on 200 online sessions during 2018 and 2019. We have developed processes since 2015 when we first became involved in online content delivery.


Here an overview of the services we provide.
Online conferences, webinars and virtual course management

Facilitating , hosting guiding and coaching organizations in the efficient and effective use of online virtual meeting spaces.

Blog Post


Ed Granger – from New Zealand

Date: 2020-07-20 17:19:06

Hi Paul Many thanks indeed for your emails with the links to the special sessions. Here, in faraway New Zealand I was able to watch all six sessions without a single ‘ Read More



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