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What we do

We help organisations in Southern African achieve confidence in their digital information. Following our tried & tested 6-step methodology, we holistically assess IT strategies and operations, advice both business and IT on how to align their efforts to business objectives, and implement best-practices in governing and architecting information & technology investments with less risk, more built-in efficiency and better adoption across the organisation.  


Here is an overview of the services we provide:
Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure

Our IT Infrastructure practice delivers leading network security and data centre services provides us with a unique set of skills to help businesses assess, plan, design, implement, migrate, secure, optimise and support their IT Infrastructure. As trusted Professional Services Partners to both Dell and Microsoft in various competencies, including Cloud Data Centre, we ensure that our advanced infrastructure is built efficiently with leading technologies.

Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance

Our IT & ICS Security practice offers the insight, expertise, and best practices that are needed to gain self-sufficiency in IT Security. Our technical experts combine skill and real-world experience that aim to help the entire IT organisation establish and manage programmes to address and reduce risks against Digital Information Security, Availability, Performance, and Compliance. We believe that focused instructions help build competent and dedicated teams with specialised risk management knowledge and skills. We furthermore provide support for Cyber Insurance via Discovery Business Insurance

I&T Governance

Our I&T Governance practice offerings aim to uplift the maturity level of IT departments. We help organisations of all sizes align their IT processes, people and technology to the organisation’s broader business objectives, which in turn cuts wastes in time and money. All our strategies are based on King IV’s IT Governance framework, ITIL, COBIT 2019 and ISO 27001, which provides audit-compliant peace of mind.

IT People Training and Enablement

Identify strategic skills shortages in your IT department and how to address them with our People Enablement practice. Whether it’s through integrated cyber security awareness & training roadmaps, or partnering with technology-specific certified trainers, our aim is to empower end users, and IT staff, to use and manage technology to its full potential. Make the most of your IT investment and reduce IT support time

Next Generation Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The Next-Generation Security Operations Centre™ (SOC) brings bleeding-edge managed cyber security solutions within reach of companies of all sizes, including smaller businesses with limited resources. Introduced at a virtual roundtable, the Next-Generation SOC™ gives companies access to the highest calibre managed security services in a consumption-based structure

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