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  •  Are your communication cost out of control?
  •  Are you suffering from high printing cost?
  • Are you struggling with your internet connection?
  • Are you struggling to keep your school safe and enforce regulations?
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions and need help to solve these problems schedule a meeting with me directly 012 010 3454 Cost effectively bridge the gap between office and mobile voice solutions, cutting down on telephony cost while keeping control and records of staffs and teachers conversations with parents and colleagues. Now you have video conferencing. enabling teachers and students to collaborate after school for extra classes. No more traffic stress, more focused and friendly staff. Parents save money and the school makes some extra money with our system: Educomm the revolutionary communication system bringing the community together. Epson Workforce printing solutions: High quality, High yield cost effective printing solutions that is immune to loadshedding. Internet connectivity and infrastructure a problem at your school? We can alleviate the pain of slow and unreliable connections through our partner network of 18 Internet Service Providers. We have the ability to recommend the best solution in your area at competitive pricing. Your network and IT infrastructure and equipment outdated and needs to be replaced, we can help. Monitor and control your school cost effectively with Active Eye from Blue IQ. An artificial Intelligence system that will keep your school safe from unwanted guests and enforce rules and regulations of the school, CoVid and any other form of legislation you need to enforce. We simply install the software on your current CCTV or IP surveillance system or recommend upgrades and you are good to go. To setup a meeting and start benefiting from our cost saving holistic solutions, book online on or call me directly at 012 010 3454 option 1.


Here an overview of the services we provide.
Telephone Systems

Cost Saving solutions planner : Minutes from 34c World class cost effective communication solutions Keep your number or get a new geographical number (012, 010, 021)

Internet and Data Solutions

With 17 ISP's that has partnered with us you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best solution for your area. Uncapped Wireless - Rapid deployment and stable licenced options Uncapped Fibre - Stable and reliable Fixed LTE - Affordable and prioritised

Printing with Epson

Faster prints - 4.5 seconds to first page out Less waste - RIPS system ensures you save the environment and space Less electricity - with no heating elements you use 85% less energy Lower maintenance - only 3 moving parts makes for less down time No smudge or fade ink for longer lasting and disaster resistant documents


Solutions Planner for your environment Active EyE Artificial intelligence alerts you when people that does not belong enter school, and helps you to enforce Covid rules

Air Conditioning

Solution Planner to keep your students cool in summer and warm in winter.

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