About Snapplify

At Snapplify, we believe that digital learning is the future of education. For us, that future means empowered teachers who can leverage technology in their classrooms, and confident students who use integrated digital tools and resources every day for academic and leisure reading. Snapplify for Education’s award-winning platform is already a top choice for institutions integrating digital education into their classrooms.


Here is an overview of the services we provide.

Engage combines Snapplify’s collaborative e-learning products into one platform. Educators can share teacher-created, multimedia resource materials with students using the Resources and Groups functions, while administrators seamlessly manage the access and permissions for multiple student and staff accounts. Library only requires basic setup and management from school librarians, with easy-to-manage checkout, waitlist and auto-return functionality. They can recommend books, or make use of a curated list of favourite ebooks drawn from all Snapplify libraries, and are also able to block titles that they don’t want students to read.

Largest collection of e-textbooks in Africa

Snapplify Library gives students access to world-class resources by putting thousands of e-textbooks and other ebooks, including novels and additional leisure-reading titles, right at their fingertips. Our library catalogue includes top-quality e-textbooks and thousands of popular leisure reads for all ages, as well as thousands of free ebooks. From prescribed e-textbooks to books about robotics, ancient Egypt, the history of South Africa and some of the sporting world’s brightest stars - there is something for everyone.

The Snapplify Reader application

Snapplify’s free Reader application can be used on any device and allows students to read their textbooks, study for exams, access teacher-created resources and read for enjoyment, all in one place. The app can be used online or offline, wherever they are. The app also has a range of academic features to make learning with digital content easier and more versatile. Visit or your app store to download the right version of the app for your device.

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